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LECís history as independent commercial entity starts 35 years ago when Kalman N. Lehoczky founded his first consulting company in Norway in 1971.† Among the largest clients could be found names as Brown Boveri and National Industry (later ABB and ALSTOM).


The founder, K. N. Lehoczky had through his research made significant contributions to the science of electrical energy generating and conversion equipment.† He is the author of university text books, transactions, studies and

inventions which are extending beyond country and language barriers.


His expertise was fully recognized as professor and among other achievements also as expert representative of United States in the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in the area of hydro-electric power generation.


LEC is in the advantageous position working with a team of engineers with international recognition and background.† These experts are engaged in workgroups as required solving special problems.


A governing idea in all LEC projects is the RELIABILITY.† The continuous and expanding flow of orders can be regarded as a proof for that this philosophy was correct in the past and will remain valid in the future.

Award from Tennessee Valley Authority

The INNOVATIVE approach was always an important feature of the company.† The engineering solutions in every project are subjected to strict analysis whether a new way of thinking would provide a better technical and economical design.


This philosophy has supplied half hundred patented inventions.


Among the newer innovations can be found Patents relating to the Free Flow Turbine (FFT) utilizing the energy of the free flowing river or sea currents for production of electrical power or Hydrogen.

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